Patterson Farms has a storied history.

It began the day John F. Patterson, Sr. set foot on this land. He sensed something very special could happen here. The land and its barns and stables became home to famous racehorses. Standardbred pacers and trotters that Mr. Patterson trained on the half-mile track he built with great care. He and his son, John Frank Patterson, raced to many celebrated victories on famous harness tracks, like Meadowlands and Yonkers. Owners from the world over brought their pacers and trotters to Patterson Farms and many made names for themselves and their owners. In 1994, Mr. Patterson was inducted into the Harness Racing Hall of Fame and the history of Patterson Farms was forever changed. 


John F. Patterson was married in 1940 in Whitfield County. He and his wife, Sybil, would visit the property every chance they got. They’d marvel at its natural beauty. He’d often say, “Someday I want to own this place.”  That someday came true almost 39 years later, and the rest is history.


Mr. Patterson bought two Standardbred pacers in the mid-‘40s. He was going to use them on the farm as saddle horses. It wasn’t long before he received an invitation to drive them in a matinee harness race in Rome, Georgia. It was that initial event that sparked his lifelong passion for harness racing.


Mr. Patterson trained and drove some of the world’s greatest pacers and trotters. Hall of Fame Immortal, Merrie Annabelle was the first freshman-trotting filly to clock a 2:00 minute “miracle mile.” He also trained and drove the Three-Year-Old Pacer of the year, Overtrick, who set a world record of 3:53.4 for two combined heats.


In addition to stables and pastures for grazing, there’s the training track. The  proving ground where the next filly may become part of standardbred racing history. Mr. Patterson was very handy with a road grader and built Patterson Farms’ ½ mile track. Surface stability and drainage were the two most important qualities, neither was overlooked.


When they were in middle school, just across the street, Jerome and Mitchell Hollis would watch the horses train and race on the ½ mile track. Horse owners from the world over would bring their pacers and trotters to Patterson Farms. The brothers grew up knowing they wanted to preserve the legacy of this special place.


Mr. Patterson’s son, John, returns to the farm after a decade of successful training and driving on the New York circuit at some of harness racing’s world-famous tracks. Mr. Patterson, Sr. welcomes him home and the 7-day work week, dawn ‘til dusk ensues, while he and his father continue their successful careers.


Early one evening, the development team meets at a restaurant to talk about their vision for Patterson Farms. As the discussion grows, Mitchell begins sketching on a paper tablecloth. One thought leads to another and before they know it, the entire design from the community spaces to the nature trails and homes where lasting memories will be made, lays before them. At last, the dream becomes a reality.

Patterson Farms


After years of dedication and thoughtful planning, Patterson Farms breaks ground in September.

Our Vision

Honoring the legacy and the history of the land is important to us. So is a strong sense of community. We want people to feel connected to this place and to those who live here. Trails and sidewalks that put you in touch with nature and unique experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

We also have deep roots in this land and that translates into a deep respect for the place and the people who choose to call it home. Put another way, Patterson Farms is the neighborhood where one gathers, meets, discovers, and creates.

See the Vision

Say hello to the Patterson Farms team.

Honoring the legacy and the history of the land is important to us. So is a strong sense of community. We want people to feel connected to this place and to those who live here. We have deep roots in this land and that translates into a deep respect for the place and the people who choose to call it home.

Karina Cervantes

Director of Community Sales

Karina calls Dalton and Whitfield County home. She worked for the Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce for several years and was involved in economic development. From there she moved on to Dalton City Schools working in the Human Resources department. Then she joined Elichai and Melanie at Greenwood Developers managing a couple hundred multifamily units. She was appointed director of community sales for Greenwood in 2017. A college degree in Foreign Language, she speaks fluent Spanish, French, and English, of course.

Daisy Hernandez

Community Sales Representative

She’s good with people and prides herself on excellent customer service. Daisy’s also a problem solver and will go to great lengths to find the perfect  solution for her customers. Building strong relationships with clients is important to her and Daisy’s extensive continuing education credits have added to her growing skill set. She joins Karina as Patterson Farms community sales representative and says, her biggest goal is to help her clients find the home they’ve always dreamed of. We believe she won’t have any trouble doing just that.

Kellie Smith

Lead Designer

Kellie Smith's work has been featured in books, including Rizzoli’s “Decorate Fearlessly” by Susanna Salk and Sandow Media’s “Best of Office” and “Best of Residential.” Her work as a contract carpet designer and colorist has made an impression in office buildings, hotel chains, and commercial establishments around the world. And Kellie is here to help you make a lasting impression with your home.

Don Leonard

Senior Project Manager

After high school, Don spent his summers working new construction and remodeling, learning the trade that would become his profession. Later, he spent 30+ years working for a construction company, building houses and commercial properties in different states. Eventually, he started his own company. Not long after that, came an opportunity to work with Hollis Holdings. Don’s a talented individual who enjoys “thinking out of the box.” He also understands the joy of home ownership and is proud to be part of the Patterson Farms team.

Tina Leonard

Senior Project Manager

Tina's FBLA class in high school introduced her to accounting and her first job at Cumberland Transport. She worked in customer service and accounting. She and her husband Don built their own home, and Tina began working with him in construction. She developed her knowledge in the field, which has become invaluable to Patterson Farms. Mom to two daughters (sometimes found carrying lumber on the job site) and grandmother to one, Tina meets regularly with clients to help them plan and schedule their dream home.

Mitchell Hollis

Hollis Holdings, LLC

Mitchell grew up in the building business. Worked on job sites with his dad at age six. Built his first house when he was 18. Having lived here all his life, Mitchell wanted to create something special in Whitfield County. The legacy, the land, the memories of Mr. Patterson training and racing horses. His vision began on a napkin and is growing into something that's not just a place to live, but a place to thrive.

Jerome Hollis

Hollis Holdings, LLC

Jerome's been a contractor/developer for 25 years with a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Every project he's built has been unique - no two units identical. The Patterson Farms property has been a dream of his since middle school. He's also dreamed of creating a community of flickering gas lights that feels like home. And now, with Patterson Farms, those concepts will be realized in a community like no other.

Melanie Hoenig

Greenwood Developers, LLC

Melanie has years of experience in real estate development, economic development, and tourism. She was founding director of Dalton and Whitfield County's Joint Development Authority. Greenwood Developers, the company she founded with her husband Elichai, has developed projects including The Villas at Nob North and Orchard Place, noted for its warmth and style. She's a big believer in creating a unique sense of place.

Elichai Hoenig

Greenwood Developers, LLC

Elichai is a third-generation textile production expert who provides the most recent technologies and engineering support to the US fiber manufacturing industry. He's also built an impressive resume in real estate, beginning in Israel. Since moving to Dalton in 2007, he and his wife Melanie have owned rental properties and industrial buildings, and developed residential housing. Their joint venture with Hollis Holdings is recognized for construction quality and uniquely livable communities.

The Builders & Developers

We are like-minded individuals who believe in quality from (beneath) the ground up. A place that speaks to a buyer on many levels, the plat, the home, the community, and the importance of shared experiences. Put another way, “others build houses, we build community.“

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